Modern piano trio and improvised music from Santa Fe, New Mexico

A kodama is a forest sprite in Japanese folklore. They are said to be found in groups, especially in the mountains, and they are associated with everything from good fortune to outright mischief.

About Us

Kodama Trio Album on CDBabyKodama Trio is a group from Santa Fe, New Mexico, featuring three leading New Mexico improvisers. They perform spontaneous compositions, original music and inspired interpretations of classic songs.

After years of crossing musical paths under a variety of circumstances, drummer Milton Villarrubia, bassist Jeremy Bleich, and pianist Robert Muller realized that their musical chemistry deserved further exploration. Their first recording sessions were followed quickly by regular performances at the original Second Street Brewery.

They have since performed all over Albuquerque, Taos and Santa Fe, including appearances at the storied Outpost Performance Space and with renowned Mvskoke poet/musician Joy Harjo at the 2015 Globalquerque festival.

Their self-produced debut CD won two 2016 New Mexico Music Awards for best jazz CD and best jazz single. And their much-anticipated seasonal holiday shows are influenced by Vince Guaraldi’s beloved holiday music, walking an enjoyable line between honoring cherished childhood classics and pushing them into new territory.

The music is jazz as a verb, not as a style — human beings connecting with each other and interacting, with conversations that don’t always ending quite as expected.

The CD

The debut CD is out and getting nice reviews. It has won TWO 2016 New Mexico Music Awards in two categories, best jazz song for our composition (Milespost 22) and best jazz CD.

We’re excited to announce that our debut album, winner of two 2016 New Mexico Music Awards, is now available on CDBaby! (It’s also available on the Itunes Store and on Amazon if you have a different favorite place to get music.)